Goodbye, Arthur, and thanks for those magic moments

lo scrittore di fantascienza Arthur C. ClarkeBBC on-line is one of the many Web sites announcing, today, the depart of Arthur C. Clarke, one of the greatest SciFi writers ever lived on Planet Earth. Those of you who, like me, got lost in the worlds and scenarios depicted and summoned into our mind and heart by novels like Childhood’s End, Earthlight or The Songs of Distant Earth will never forget the precious gift of such a great novelist. Arthur C. Clarke inspired Kubrik’s unforgettable 2001: A Space Odissey with his short novel The Sentinel, too, and the following episodes in writing and on screen. I would like to say my personal goodbye to a man who filled our brains and souls with such beautiful stories, bringing our hearts in a magical flight far into the realm of fantasy and helping us grow up with a broader vision and enriched creativity. Thanks, Arthur, we won’t forget what you’ve done for SciFi and for us readers.
I would also like to send a public message to Mr Ray Bradbury, one of my all-time favourite SciFi writer, to beg his pardon for the journalists who’ve written, in their articles about Clarke’s depart, “the last great old man of SciFi dies“. Even a popular SciFi Italian portal seems to indulge in the same error, together with other sites and blogs. Yes, Ray himself has described himself as a non-SciFi writer, and the legendary Martial Chronicles themselves as Fantasy, not Science Fiction. Nonetheless, who would say that many his works are not pillars of this literary genre? It would be like affirming that Matheson or Heinlein or Herber are not SciFi writers as their novels delve deep into the Horror genre.
Ray, please forgive these ‘journalists’, and please stay well and live long, maybe I will have a chance to meet you and thank you personally for the great works of genius and wit you’ve brought into our lives since we were kids if you come to visit us together with your great friend Ray Harryhausen here at the places where his great Jason and The Argonauts was filmed, Palinuro. After all, we have great expectations and good hopes about your longevity, since Mr Electro said ‘Live for ever!’ touching you with his magicl sword icon smile Goodbye, Arthur, and thanks for those magic moments
P.P.S. You can read Clarke’s last interview on IEEE Spectrum and also listen to the related podcast