And justice for all… well, almost

Children as a symbol of innocence, jailed instead of their headsmenLet me start this first ‘international’ post with a title which surely is going to ring a bell in most of you, tied as it is with both a movie and a music album known by the same sentence. You’ll forgive me for any mistake I’m going to make writing in English, as it’s my second language and not my mother tongue, but as I explained in my previous post I’m going to write in English from now on as a form of peaceful protest against the disillusion with many facets of my daily life in the Country I’ve had the luck and misfortune of being born. Please, comment with suggestions about any error I’m eventually putting into the articles you’ll be reading here, thanks.
So, back to the post, which (as the title clearly suggests) is related to one of the worst ‘misfunctions’ of Italian national clockwork: (in)justice. I was reading of the nth case of a male, guilty of abuse, who’s free (after a short time since his previous crime) to perpetrate his new violence where the casualty is a woman or a child. But, as usual, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as most of these horrible facts never become news. What’s worse, Italian justice still keeps on holding in jail people guilty of theft or fraud but gives dangerous criminals a way to wander free in the streets in search of their next innocent victim.
We (Italians) often say, reading or watching on our national media about criminals left free to wander or kept for long time in courts with no punishment, things like “If this was happening abroad the criminal would already be prosecuted and punished the way he/she deserved“. The main problem is, in Italy, that villains are even among those in charge of government and justice itself. As they say, quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (who watches the watchmen?).
P.S. A note about the picture I used for this post, it’s been borrowed from the site Eccleshall Past, just because I thought it may best symbolise what I’ve written. If the authors or any related people thinks there’s any reason not to use it here, I invite them to let me know and I’ll promptly remove it. Thanks.