Bye, Dad

How sad can the loss of a beloved one be? Yesterday my father died, after a life mostly spent in illness. During the latest dozen years he just went from bad to worse, and in these latest few days his body finally surrendered and decided to put and end to a vane fight against deseases, taking him into a coma which lead to death. He’s gone through near death situations several times, and he’s spent many weeks of his life in hospitals, since he was young. Now, he rests in a coffin I’ve had the task to choose, and while what remains of that heavily plagued burden of flesh which his body has become through the years is hidden in a sealed box of wood and zync, everything else remains in our hearts and memories, and in the things he’s built or bought, like the homes we live in, the lands he’s managed to purchase and so on. I definitely miss him, but I was ready for this inevitable moment, more than I though, probably. I’ve cried, of course, and I’ll cry again anytime the memory of him comes again and touches my heart. Maybe one day this memory will be ‘distant’ enough to bring just a little bit of sadness, who knows, but now I’m here with all the moments spent with him and the rest of my family, like the not so distant hour in which I held his hands and we prayed together, me and him, to ask God to put an end to his sufferings, after a very frightening moment in which he went so close to death to make his wish stronger, but nothing happened and I told him ‘Sorry dad, God knows when the moment is right, and we just have to accept that’.That moment was yesterday, and I really hope he’s enjoying the relief of not being tied anymore to a sick and almost totally paralyzed body. Bye dad, I’ve loved you, I hope you still feel our love and the appreciation for everything you’ve done.